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Guidance for air cargo

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A cargo area (800㎡), which is enclosed with protective fences, is located in the cargo terminal area (3,500㎡) in the west of the passenger terminal building.

Cargo Facility and Customs

Overview of Cargo Facility (Goods Shed)

Owner Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport Co., Ltd.
Handling Agent SAS Co., Ltd.
Building Structure Light-weight steel structure + steel membrane structure, single-story
Main Functions Cargo warehouse, administrative office.
Floor Area 346㎡(138㎡+208㎡)
Cargo Handling Area approx. 275㎡(75㎡+200㎡)
Business Hours 10AM - 6PM

Overview of Bonded Warehouse

Floor Area 733.3㎡
Permit Period June 2009 - May 2015
Name SAS Co., Ltd.
Shizuoka Airport, Bonded Warehouse No. 1


Shizuoka Airport Branch Office of Shimizu Branch Customs opened at the time of the airport opening. Resident customs officers are assigned here to handle customs clearance (import/export).※ Air-NACCS (Nippon Automated Cargo And Port Consolidated System) was implemented in December 2010.


The airport also has the animal and plant quarantine office on its premises.