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Hamamatsu Flower Park

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A flowering garden on Lake Hamana, with 100,000 plants of 3,000 types. Enjoyable in all four seasons, the park boasts Japanese apricots, cherries, tulips, roses, Japanese irises, hydrangeas, and many others. Other things to enjoy include the Western-style garden with a large greenhouse called the Crystal Palace, with varying exhibits for each season with sculpted flower gardens (fall to early summer), a large water fountain show with music, a children’s plaza, the Flower Train bus that is shaped like a steam locomotive, lawns areas you may enter freely, and other events making a visit pleasurable at any time of the year.

Location 〒431-1209 195 Kanzanji Nishi-ku Hamamatsu City
TEL 053-487-0511
Details Shizuoka Guide


Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport
Access Bus
Shimada Sta.
Tokaido Main Line
Hamamatsu Sta.
Entetsu Bus
Hamamatsu Flower Park
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