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Izu Peninsula (Atami Onsen)

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One of the largest spa areas of Japan, on the East Coast of the shoulder of Izu Peninsula. Modern and traditional hotels, and souvenir shops fill the city from the coast to the mountain. The hot spring was said to found in the 8th Century or even older, and the name of the city ”Atami (hot sea)” was derived from the old story that hot water sprung from the sea. General Tokugawa-Ieyasu visited here in the 17th Century, and the hot water was sent to Edo Castle in Tokyo from the 3rd General of Tokugawa Government Iemitsu. Mild climate, and many tourists visit here in summer and winter from the 19th Century. Famous as the city of famous literature ”Konjiki-Yasha” written by Koyo Ozaki. Beautiful night view.

Location 〒413-0102 Atami City
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Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport
Access Bus
Shizuoka Sta.
Atami Sta.


Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport
Access Bus
Shizuoka Sta.
Tokaido Main Line
Atami Sta.
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