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Western region (Hamamatsu direction)

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Hamanako Kanzanji Onsen

  • Hamamatsu City
  • Hot Springs
This spa is located on the north edge of the Shonai Peninsula, which juts into the northeastern part of Lake Hamana. Although the hot spring is new, having been opened in 1958, the region has long been renowned for swimming, fishing, and moon viewing. With complete tourist facilities and a transportation network, this spa is one of the most important in the northeastern part of Japan. There is a beautiful view surrounded by the lakes on the three sides, and the acclaimed eel cuisine of Lake Hamana. This is the largest spa resort of Lake Hamana, and many guests visit in all four seasons. The sightseeing bus takes visitors to tourist spots free of charge.

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  • Hamamatsu City
  • Other
A 212m-high skyscraper hotel adjacent to JR Hamamatsu Station.

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Ecopa Stadium

  • Fukuroi City
  • Sport & Recreation
The 50,889 seat Ecopa Stadium is Shizuoka’s largest stadium which serves as a stage for many types of events ranging from track and field and soccer to sports entertainment. The 10,000 seat Ecopa Arena is Shizuoka’s largest arena used for volleyball, concerts, and exhibitions. In addition, the expansive grounds were ecologically designed and feature walking paths where visitors can enjoy looking at seasonal animals and plants throughout the year.

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Hamanako Garden Park

  • Hamamatsu City
  • Nature & Parks
The park is the former site of the Hamanako Flower Expo held in 2004. You can enjoy plants of all seasons, views across Lake Hamana from the observatory tower, playing in the water in summer and various events in this city park.

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Hamamatsu Flower Park

  • Hamamatsu City
  • Nature & Parks
A flowering garden on Lake Hamana, with 100,000 plants of 3,000 types. Enjoyable in all four seasons, the park boasts Japanese apricots, cherries, tulips, roses, Japanese irises, hydrangeas, and many others. Other things to enjoy include the Western-style garden with a large greenhouse called the Crystal Palace, with varying exhibits for each season with sculpted flower gardens (fall to early summer), a large water fountain show with music, a children’s plaza, the Flower Train bus that is shaped like a steam locomotive, lawns areas you may enter freely, and other events making a visit pleasurable at any time of the year.

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