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Izu region

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Izu Peninsula (Shuzenji Onsen)

  • Izu City
  • Hot Springs
One of the best Onsen in Nakaizu ( Mid-Izu ) area. Lots of pure Japanese ryokans can be found along Katsura River, a tributary of Kamo River. “Tokko no Yu”, the open-air foot spa that is said to have blown out when Kobo-daishi hit the ground with a Tokko, one of the Buddhist objects, still remains at the riverside, which has become known as a symbol of Shuzenji onsen spa resort. Some ryokans are of Japanese tea ceremony house and others are with large gardens, all of which, and with the historical temple and other old ruins, forms Shuzenji to be more refined and tasteful.

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Izu Peninsula (Atami Onsen)

  • Atami City
  • Hot Springs
One of the largest spa areas of Japan, on the East Coast of the shoulder of Izu Peninsula. Modern and traditional hotels, and souvenir shops fill the city from the coast to the mountain. The hot spring was said to found in the 8th Century or even older, and the name of the city ”Atami (hot sea)” was derived from the old story that hot water sprung from the sea. General Tokugawa-Ieyasu visited here in the 17th Century, and the hot water was sent to Edo Castle in Tokyo from the 3rd General of Tokugawa Government Iemitsu. Mild climate, and many tourists visit here in summer and winter from the 19th Century. Famous as the city of famous literature ”Konjiki-Yasha” written by Koyo Ozaki. Beautiful night view.

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Izu Peninsula (Ito Onsen)

  • Ito City
  • Hot Springs
The second largest spa city in Izu, next to Atami. The city spreads in the form of a Japanese fan, at the end of the Matsu River on the seaside of Sagami Bay, with a row of hotels from the seaside to the mountains. Although there are many luxury hotels, the city has a relaxed atmosphere of health resort spa due to its old history. Started in the 17th Century as three original hot springs, and now there are about 800 original hot springs, of which amount is larger than that of Atami. There are many sightseeing points such as the swimming beach, heights, lake, and historical spots of old powerful Ito family, hiking paths, golf courses, etc.

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Izu Peninsula (Matsuzaki Onsen)

  • Matsuzaki Town
  • Hot Springs
An Onsen Spa Resort in the south part of Izu Peninsula, known as a station in the center of Matsuzaki the port town for commodity distribution and deep-sea fisheries. In 1963, they worked out boring investigation and the town handles supplying hot spring to ryokans and minshukus. Please enjoy strolling in the town and find the traditional houses and storages of Namako walls. The shoaling beach is also one of the best spots for swimming in summer.

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