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To users of light/private aircraft

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Airport services available

Below are the services available at Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport.
For further details,please call the appropriate number listed.
Services regarding: Department Phone number
Runway usage permission Shizuoka Airport Management Office 0548-29-2210
Parking spot location
Landing charges and parking charges
AVGAS refueling Mt.fuji Shizuoka Airport Co.,Ltd.(filling station) 0548-29-2010
The passenger terminal Mt.fuji Shizuoka Airport Co.,Ltd 0548-29-2000
Jet fuel refueling SAS Co.,Ltd. 0548-29-2850
Handling affairs
Arranging CIQ inspections
Airport food and drink establishments Numazu Uogashi Food Court-Shizuoka Airport Branch 0548-29-2666
Airport shopping and restaurant facilities f-air(Shizuoka souvenirs) 0548-29-2626
Y Shop-shizuoka Airport Branch(Convenience store) 0548-29-2606
Shizuoka tourist attractions The hello navi homepage here
Rental cars TOYOTA rent a Car 0548-25-3100
NIPPON rent a Car 0548-29-2660
ORIX rent a Car 0548-25-0543

About parking

For applications,contact:

At Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport there are limited amount of parking spots available for Light/private aircraft.In order for the safest and most effective operation of the airport,we wish for cooperation with the following points:
For applications,contact:
Shizuoka Airport Management Office
Hours:07:30~20:30 JST (22:30~11:30 UTC)


  • The period for advanced application differs depending on flight classification and maximum take off weight.
  • Parking spots can be arranged for advanced applications; however, there are occasions when aircraft can't be accepted if there is extreme crowding on the flight date.
  • Parking spots may be altered on the flight day.
  • For more important notes regarding use,contact the Shizuoka Airport Management Office.